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Finally, ​A Professional Level Charting Software for Individual Traders...

Don't Just Beat the Market, Leave Bruises!

​When we set out to find the official charting software for TradeSmart University, we wanted to make sure we built something that could expand beyond the basic functionality. So we built this software on the back of one of the most powerful programming languages ever built - TRADESENSE.  The best part ​is, TradeSense makes it possible for individuals like you to create your own custom scans, indicators, watchlists, trade filters... you name it.  If you want to customize it you can do it with TradeSense. That's why TradeSense is the heart of the official charting software for TradeSmart University - TradeLyon.  

FACT: Traders Need ​Reliable Software

(From ​a company that actually knows something about trading)

​If you are wanting to trade for a living you must have the tools of professional traders. The problem is most professional level charting can cost $500/month or more.


...if you are like most people then you keep trying to cobble together a decent trading experience with consumer level tools​, such as free charting websites or tools provided by your broker.  But let's be honest, your broker isn't a software developer, and frankly I hope they never get into that business.  You want your broker to be a broker, and you want your ​charting software to be developed by people who have commited their lives to developing charting software.

That is exactly why we chose to work with Genesis Financial to build a software that would allow TSU students to:​​​

  • ​​Create customized charts so you can always be on top of the next market moves.
  • ​Save custom templates so you can quickly move between and recall chart setups.
  • ​Save all of your work so you can ​revisit any chart at any time.
  • ​Build custom indicators so you can ​test your own trading theories.

​... along with over 400 additional features, far to many to mention here.

​Quality charting and world class data is hard to find from a single source, but TradeLyon brings all of that together into one package for one monthly price​. Our data source has the most advanced database of stock prices anywhere, with a complete history going back nearly 100 years of trading. And many tickers have that data all the way down to the individual tick! 

Try TradeLyon and ​discover the features that make it the best value on the market for consumers to chart like the pros.


​I've been working with trading software from Genesis Financial for almost 15 years. I don't know how to live without it anymore. The features and data available in TradeLyon are essential for traders who want to beat the market and make real cashflow."

​Jeremy Whaley 
​TSU Co-Founder/CEO

What You​'ll Get With This Software

​Unlimited Charting Options

​You're a real trader.  That means you need a charting software that let's you save multiple versions of the same chart, try different markups, and recall them quickly.  TradeLyon does all of that for you. Save unlimited charts and unlimited templates to quickly recall any analysis at any time. 

​World's Most Powerful Scanner

​Create any custom scan you want, or use one of the pre-configured scans included with the software.  Set the scan to include any criteria you wish, and as many criteria as you like. Every day when you launch your trading, the scanner will narrow down possible trades and display them in a clean watchlist for you to keep an eye on. 

Chart Any Market

The Standard data set includes all U.S. Stocks, Indexes, and Forex.  However you can add international stocks for any country, as well as any futures contracts.  You can even chart bitcoin and cryptocurrencies with TradeLyon.  Hear the roar!

Trader Conditioning Tool

The "Historical Replay" tool is a key component to executing the Trader Conditioning Process taught at TradeSmart University. Very few charting softwares offer a tool like this and TradeLyon features not just the best version, but the original that was used to develop the Trader Conditioning Process in the beginning!

​Get The Best Charting Available

​I was frustrated with my old software because it didn't save my drawings.  I would spend all this time marking up my charts to get them looking great, and then if I looked at another stock and came back, all my lines were gone.  ​TradeLyon has really helped my work flow and saves me a ton of time.  I also really love your scans!  I use them ALL THE TIME!

​Adalynn Ortega

​Media Writer

​I've been trading for nearly 10 years and I was ​always against paying for a charting software and data. I took the trial for TradeLyon and I am amazed how much more efficient it made my trading. I THOUGHT my broker's charting was free, it turns out it was costing me a lot more than I realized by not providing as good of data and not giving me all the tools I needed.  Thanks! 

​Michael Courtney

​Creative Assets Manager

What You'll Get:

When you ​start a trial today you'll get ​:

  • ​Fully Functional TradeLyon Software
  • ​Unlimited charting capabilities
  • ​Intra-day, REAL TIME Streaming Data

​Plus you will also ​receive:

  • ​Exclusive Video Training Series
  • ​Historical Charting Data (additional free download)
  • ​Exclusive TSU Clear Trend Indicator!


​Trial:  ONLY $9 for first 30 Days

​​Monthly Price: ​$169/month (cancel anytime)

​Platform: ​Windows Only

​How It Works

​Start A Trial

​Start a 30 Day Trial and get the full experience of the TradeLyon Software. If you decide you don't like it, no worries, cancel anytime. ​

​Install Software

​Download and install the software and initial data set. If you need help, tech support will be happy to assist you.

Watch Training Videos

​Watch the training videos to designed to get you started immediately. In less than 2 hours you can learn 90% of the features you will use on a daily basis.  

Take Your Trading To The Next Level Today

TradeSmart University is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but training from TradeSmart University is unique because it's built and taught by real traders who have actually done the things they teach.

In other words, we aren't journalists or "researchers." We're in-the-trenches doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.