​Total Fibonacci Trading

​What does the stock market, a 13th century mathematician, and the ancient Greeks have in common...?

It's an obscure number that allegedly is "perfect".... 1.618.

​Doesn't look perfect to you?  Well after watching Total Fibonacci Trading you will discover how this so called "Golden Ratio" can be used to predict precise turning points in a stock price. They can be used to anticipate time frames of when a trade may change direction, and can even tell you where the future target of a trade should be.  Pretty cool hu?

Don't believe me?

​After you watch Total Fibonacci Trading you will be a believer and you will come to rely on this little 1.618 ratio in your daily trade analysis.​


​Join TSU Co-Founder Josh Hesse as he reveals the secrets of trading with the Fibonacci Sequence.  This course will absolutely change the way you approach and think about every one of your trades.  It will help you get more precise entry and exit prices, help you establish a better trading plan up front, and most importantly it can help you create a better plan to put more cash where it counts (in your pockets) and less where it hurts (back in the market).  

Josh has been refining this craft for over 10 years and it one of the best in the business at both applying fibonacci to the chart, as well as having the gift to teach it to others.  

​You Will Learn

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    ​History of Fibonacci numbers and trading
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    ​How to accurately draw fib charts
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    ​How to identify highly probable trades
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    ​How to identify trades you should avoid
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    ​Specific entry and exit rules
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    ​How to Avoid Common Fibonacci mistakes
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    ​Tips for multiple Time-frame analysis
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    ​And much more...

What You'll Get:

When you enroll today you'll get instant access to:

  • ​8 Core Lessons​​​
  • ​Instant On-Demand Access
  • ​Notebooks
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​Plus you will also ​receive:

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​Price: ​$897

Level: ​Intermediate ​

​Location: Online/Virtual

​Time to Completion: ​​​8-12 hours