​Retirement 101

​Learn How ​​to Prepare for Retirement and Structure Your Financial Life to Best Benefit Your Family.

Finally, You have a step-by-step training to help you...

​Design and Master the Ideal Financial Retirement Plan


​Those were the words I blurted out when I discovered how poorly my own parents financial planners had led and instructed them to manage their retirement funds.  Unfortunately, like most Americans, they blindly followed and trusted these people, and now they have a fraction of the "nest egg" they want to have for their retirement

​So what about you....?

​The studies show 38% of Americans approaching retirement age have NO PLAN or MEANS TO RETIRE!

​Whut?!   Can it be? In the wealthiest country in the world?

It turns out the Baby Boomer generation spent all their time and energy and focus on working, raising kids, and enjoying the little spare time they may have, and very little extra attention to saving and planning for the future.  

​Now you finally have a single course to reference that will help you plan for and understand your retirement. 


"​This was exactly what I needed.  Dude, I needed this course so bad!"

​Joshua Rupp ​TSU Alumni

What You'll Learn in This Course

​The Importance of Financial Education

More and more, the burden of making sound financial decisions is coming to reston the shoulders of consumers. Many companies have shifted their retirement plans away from traditional pension plans and instead turned to 401(k) plansmaking those invested their own chief investment officer. Social Security is facing solvency issues and the financial environment seems like it is changing fasterthan ever. Retirement Answers 101® educational course is designed to help you better understand the investment options available to you in retirement.

By attending Retirement Answers 101®, you will learn about many of the financialproducts available to you, as well as the potential advantages and disadvantag-
es of each. We will discuss strategies that may help you save money on taxes, manage investment risks, and prepare for what seems to be ever-rising healthcare expenses. This course is meant to help you navigate the constantly changingfinancial landscape, allowing you to achieve your retirement goals.

​Unbiased Financial Information

Finding unbiased, trustworthy financial information today can be a challenging task, making it difficult to make informed investment decisions. When it comesto important subjects like retirement planning, it makes sense to learn as much as possible in order to make a more informed investment decision.

​You should consider attending

If you and/or your significant other are nearing retirement, recently retired, orhave been retired for many years, this course may be time well spent. Regardless of which stage of retirement you’re in, you’ll learn important strategies that may help you protect your wealth, minimize your taxes, maximize your Social Securitybenefits, and have a better understanding of the products and investment strate- gies available to you during your retirement years.

​Protect​ Your Capital No Matter the Cost

​Everybody hates losing money, which is why we emphasize the importance of 1) money management and 2) capital preservation. Using the various money management techniques taught in this series you will learn how to increase your overall bottom line even if you are struggling to have a high win percentage in your trades. This one secret of the hedge fund managers is how they insure they will never go broke. When you use the techniques of the pros, you can profit like a pro.

​Get the ​On Track... ​Plan for Your Future Today!

​"​TSU has given me the confidence and knowledge to control my future.​ After 2 years of negative returns in 2014 and 2015 I had enough. In the 2 years of trading use the education received from TSU I have made more money then I did in the passes 20 years of a hands-off approach.  Now my future is twice as good is it once was.”

​Adam Derrick

​TSU Alumni

I did my first real money trade on Jan 29th, and now my account is currently up 50%. ​TradeSmart has given me all the tools that I need to become a successful trader. Thank you so much for all of the help with my education.

​Rob Paulin

​TSU Alumni

​Retirement 101 - Course Details

In this course you'll learn everything you need ​to ​get prepared for your retirement future.  Learn about the various vehicles available to you.  When you can and should pull money out. How to plan for your estate, and so much more.

​Lesson 1:

​Retirement Income Strategies
  • check
    ​Three phases of financial life
  • check
    ​Types of Investment accounts
  • check
    ​Social Security Strategies
  • check
    ​How to create a personal pension plan

​Lesson ​2:

​21st Century Investing
  • check
    ​Understanding Asset Allocation
  • check
    ​Stress Testing your portfolio
  • check
    ​Permanent Life Insurance
  • check
    ​Late Stage College Funding Strategy

​Lesson ​3:

​Retirement Lifestyle
  • check
    ​Transitioning to Retirement
  • check
    ​How to spend your free time
  • check
    ​Addressing fears of changing circumstances
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​Lesson ​4:

​Retirement ​Account Rules
  • check
    ​Account Withdrawls
  • check
    ​IRA Rollover P​rocess
  • check
    ​Multigenerational IRA
  • check
    ​Inheriting a retirement account

​Lesson ​5:

​Healthcare in Retirement
  • check
    ​Basics on Medicare and Medicaid
  • check
    ​Long Term care options
  • check
    ​Reverse Mortgages
  • check
    ​Dealing with Healthcare expenses

​Lesson ​6:

​Estate Planning
  • check
    ​Understanding Estate Planning
  • check
    ​Joint Tenancy 
  • check
    ​Wealth Transfer Strategies
  • check
    ​Dealing with ​trusts

What You'll Get:

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Tuition: $199

Level: Beginner

​Location: Online/Virtual

​Course Length: ​​6 Hours

​Expected time to completion: ​​3 Weeks

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​Who Should Take This Course?

Active Swing Traders

​Grow your trading account and apply strategies for every market condition. Take control of your trades and ​beat the market.

​Retiring Baby Boomers

​53% of Retiring Americans are under prepared for retirement. Protect the capital you have while increasing income.

​Brand New Trader

​Get Started on the right path. Avoid the costly errors most traders experience when you start your career with the right training.

​Investing for ​Account Growth

​Pick trades that are trending, ride the trend for maximum growth, and reinvest the profits.  Grow your account with better tools and better insights.

​Replacing Career

​Control risk, build trading systems, and design a lifestyle that can create a predictable income. Learn how career traders approach the market.

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