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​How would you like to sit down and watch an experienced trader do their analysis and trade setups for the week before it happens? That is exactly what Power Trader Live students get to experience on a weekly basis. Learning how to trade is part head knowledge and part hands on application. PowerTrader LIVE is your opportunity to watch the knowledge learned in our core training programs applied in a weekly setting as TSU teachers work through the top 10 to setup trades for the week.

FACT: ​Weekly Insights = ADVANTAGE

(From people who actually have experience doing this stuff)

​Every week one of the TSU teachers sits down and does their entire analysis for the week before the market opens. As a Power Trader participant you get to watch it as well as hear the thinking that goes on behind the analysis. Some weeks yield only a few trades, if any, and some weeks are ripe with many profitable trades. The important thing is you will have access to all of it before it happens!

  • ​Watch Experienced Traders Do Analysis
  • ​Get a preview of the week ahead
  • ​Discover Money Making Trade Setups
  • ​Get Answers To Questions
  • ​Overview of all markets
  • Detailed view of Top 10 Stocks
  • Learn various Strategy Applications
  • ​Confirm your own analysis

​Every week more than 500 students gather online to watch TSU teachers setup trades for the week on the TSU Top 10. The evening starts with a general market overview, often including broader market discussions, and rounds out with a look at a trade setup on each of the top 10 stocks.

By the end of the class participants have an idea of what to watch for during the week, ideas of possible trades, ​how to be aware of some hidden dangers, as well as possible trade targets. Often times strategy discussions become part of the conversation as well.

Join us every Sunday night before the week starts to get a solid idea of what to expect. It’s a great way to check your analysis against that of an experienced trader, as well as discover insights you may not have otherwise seen. Of course, each PTL session is recorded and posted in your members area just in case you can not join live. You can always go back after the class and watch the ​discussion.

What You'll ​Experience

​Market Overview & Outlook

​Watch the TSU team as we do an overview of the broad market including ​S&P 500, DJIA, Nasdaq 100, as well as currency and gold & silver. This will set the tone for the evening as well as the week of trading ahead. 

​Top 10 Stock Analysis & Setups

​Watch as we talk through all of our TSU Top 10 stocks. We will do a complete analysis following the TSU 5 steps of trade confirmation taught in our classes, consider both bullish and bearish perspectives, and discuss the most probable trade setups for the week ahead.

​Avoid ​Bad Trades

​It's easy to get "tunnel vision" as a trader and become biased to your own perspectives. Watch TSU instructors give different perspectives on the trades for you to consider. Many students get "ah-ha" insights that allow them to avoid a bad trade they were about to place.

​Peace of Mind

​We suggest you do your own market analysis and trade setups before Power Trader, and bring your setups to class.  Watch the TSU instructors walk through their analysis and use that to help confirm your own analysis.  This 3rd party perspective will help give you peace of mind before you get into your weekly trades. 

​Get The Edge On Other Traders

​​Again, I want to thank you for TSU's excellent training and ​[Power Trader Live], worth every penny... Your clear, concise teaching, especially in the new format, is simply unparalleled in the trading industry."

​Tom Sanderson

​TSU Alumni

​I love Power Trader.  'nuff said.  I can't wait to be here every week and learn new stuff.  JW is great.  And Stephen is nothing short of genius. 

​Lucinda Anderson

​TSU Student

What You'll Get:

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​Subscription: $99/Month (cancel anytime)

Level: ​Intermediate (some experience expected)

Location: Online/Virtual

​Class Length: ​​​90 Minutes

​Meets: ​Weekly (Sunday Nights)*

​*Weekly schedule subject to change on holiday weekends and when typical market schedule justifies a change in schedule.  

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