​Get Started Trading in 7 Days!

Did you know that a train traveling 40 MPH will smash through a 10 foot block wall... however that same train standing still can't budge if there is a 1-inch block in front of a single wheel? That's the power of momentum!

What barrier do you need to smash through with your trading? Just like a train, what type of power could you create if we simply...


I recently talked to 47 students of TradeSmart and learned something that shocked me. Many had read our blog, joined our Facebook group, and even watched a webinar or two - but the vast majority had yet to place their first trade. Seriously!

These traders missed one of the best (and easiest!) bullish markets in their lifetime because they simply didn't Get Started.

That bothered me. Big Time. For this group, their 1-inch block was having the confidence to pull the trigger on their first trade. They had a lot of book knowledge. They had good looking trading plans. What they lacked was that extra smidgen of experience to really Get Started.


You Will Learn

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    ​7 Day Plan to Start Trading Stocks
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    ​How to pick a stock​​​
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    ​How to place an order
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    ​How to close an order
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    ​Which tools you need ​to start
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    ​Your first Trading Plan
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    ​And much more...

This class designed specifically to help you Get Started Trading in 7 Days. Let's yank the 1-inch block off the track and get your trading freight train moving.

Whether you are a beginner or need a refresher, Get Started Trading in 7 Days will give your trading a huge jumpstart in the market.

What You'll Get:

When you enroll today you'll get instant access to:

  • ​7 Core Lessons​​​
  • ​Instant On-Demand Access
  • ​Notebooks

​Plus you will also ​receive:

  • ​BONUS LESSON: Setting Stops
  • ​Access to Membership Site
  • ​VIP Email Support


​Price: ​$897

Level: ​Beginner ​

​Location: Online/Virtual

​Time to Completion: ​​​8 hours