Forex Group Coaching

Guiding you through the fast-paced, exciting
world of currency trading step-by-step.


Group Forex Coaching with Mindy Yost is a unique opportunity to learn from one of the best Forex traders in the world. Mindy is a real life, full-time trader and has an open Forex room anytime the market is open... which is 24 hours a day!

During the day and evening, Mindy discusses and teaches her proprietary, money-making forex trading system she has developed. She informs on what she is looking at and when. Actively mentoring and teaching you the entire time.

You might just be the ideal student!

Group Coaching is designed to meet the needs of Forex traders of all levels. If you want to make money. If you want someone available to answer your questions. If you want a guide to help point out opportunities. Then yes, you are the ideal Forex Group Coaching Student!

But, only if you are coachable and willing to take direction. There is no place for arrogance or egotism in a coaching environment. All of your peers have made a commitment to excellence. You will find the experience to be enjoyable while also going to work to extract your cash from the market.

Group coaching will be one of the best investments you have ever made into yourself. There simply isn't an investment with a greater ROI.


It is difficult to convey with words the impact having a coach makes on my trading. It sounds silly, but having somebody there to be a double check... a voice of "reality" if you will, is priceless. Just simply avoiding the stupid trades has paid for my coaching probably 10x over. All of the other trade ideas and observations are just the sweet cherry on top! I can't thank Mindy enough.

Dave Johanson Dad / Forex Trader / Chef

What's Included with Group Coaching

The Room!

Students say - "This is where the magic happens." It's where preparation and opportunity meet! This 24 Hour room (yes, All Day!) gives you an opportunity to connect with your coach at the times YOU trade. Up at 1am trading... that's perfect.

In the room you will have opportunity to hear trade opportunities called out. Present your trade ideas to your coach. Or just be a fly on the wall and listen to what others are currently trading.


Confused? Frustrated? Uncertain of what to do? We understand. Coaching students get top-tier, direct-access support from Mindy when needed. You are not alone - just ask for help.

The Training

Great trading comes after great training. Coaching students get access to ALL of Mindy Yost's training materials​: webinars, trading plans, and strategies. It's the whole package.

Power Trader FX

Power Trader FX is a weekly webinar before market open on Sunday night. It is designed to give students a "game-plan" going into the week ahead. It is active, pre-planning to WIN.

​Get the Best Training for Forex Trading

I used to get so frustrated with myself. Hesitating to jump into a trade or rushing in unprepared - both were costly. More than I cared to admit!

Mindy, her room, and my friends within it have totally transformed my trading. My account. And my confidence! Don't hesitate any longer if you are considering coaching.

See you in there!

Amber Regan

Writer / Blogger / Mom

I work full-time during the day. Until I found Mindy's room, there simply were no other options available that fit my schedule.

The whole reason I trade FOREX is because the market is open when I'm available! I'm so grateful Mindy is also available at that time! My boss and my bank account thank you!!!

Jason Parlament

Business Development

Forex Group Coaching Details

We can't legally guarantee any kind of results in the world of trading. But... well, let's just say Mindy Yost is one of the greatest forex traders in the world - and her trading record shows that she almost never has a losing trade! And, has not had a losing year for decades.

We can say that - and we can say that you are going to be learning from her, with access 24 hours a day for a year. We can also say her students replicate her results. So, if that sounds exciting to you, you're going to really love the trader you become after working with Mindy for a year.

Everything Included:

  • check
    Private / Group Coaching with Mindy
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    Available anytime the market is open
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    Learn Exclusive trading system directly from Mindy
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    Learn to hedge and offset risk
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    Learn to identify highest probability winning trades
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    Beat the dealer before the dealer knows your traded
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    get exclusive chart settings to use in your charts
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    12 months access to Mindy


Tuition: $4,995 / Year (Monthly Option Also Available)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Location: Online/Virtual

Availability: Whenever the Forex Market is Open!

​How It Works

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Simply purchase Group Coaching by clicking on the "Begin Now" button and you will get instant access to everything you need.

Sign into Membership

Sign into the membership area using the same email address you used to pay to get instant access to everything.

​Join the sessions

Watch the ​webinar sessions on your own schedule, it's open 24 hours. When you're awake, the FX market is awake. You may also ​watch r​recorded webinar sessions when available for your course.

Group Forex Coaching

Just $4995
(Monthly Options Available)


  • 100% Online and Instant
  • 24/Day Room When Market Open
  • Printable Resources
  • Unlimited Access


  • Trade Ideas and Tips
  • Apply winning strategy
  • Effectively Manage Risk
  • Get Instant Feedback

​Who Should Take This Course?

Active Swing Traders

​Grow your trading account and apply strategies for every market condition. Take control of your trades and ​beat the market.

​Retiring Baby Boomers

​53% of Retiring Americans are under prepared for retirement. Protect the capital you have while increasing income.

​Brand New Trader

​Get Started on the right path. Avoid the costly errors most traders experience when you start your career with the right training.

​Investing for ​Account Growth

​Pick trades that are trending, ride the trend for maximum growth, and reinvest the profits.  Grow your account with better tools and better insights.

​Replacing Career

​Control risk, build trading systems, and design a lifestyle that can create a predictable income. Learn how career traders approach the market.

​Why You Should Take This Course

The published statistics show that around 34% of forex traders actually make a profit. If you are like the majority, you've been losing and can't figure out how to plug the hole in your trading account. Maybe you even win a few and lose a few, but the ones you lose seem to always cost you more than what you make on the ones you win.

This is your opportunity to sit beside ​one of the greatest forex traders on the planet​.. Skeptical? We understand. Come give Group Forex Coaching a visit and see for yourself. You will quickly see that there is huge opportunity for those who know what to look for.

​About Your Instructor

​Mindy Yost is one of the greatest forex traders in the country.  She has been involved in retail forex trading since the market opened to individual traders in the late 90's. She has worked as a financial advisor, fund manager, and trading coach for more than 40 years. Currently Mindy lives on her farm with Robert (high school sweetheart), the cat, and a bunch of other animals.  

Mindy has repeatedly stated that her greatest desire is to pass her unique knowledge and techniques to the next generation of traders.

(and oh yea, she literally never sleeps...)

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: "Will I get trades in the trading room"

A: In the room you will hear both the moderator (Mindy) as well as other students discussing real trade possibilities.

Additionally, strategies and risk management tactics will also be discussed. You are welcome to participate in any of the trades that fit your personal trading criteria.

Q: "Is it really 24 hours a day - How do you do that?!"

A: Yes, the trading room is open all day, every day whenever the market is open. As you will quickly learn, the Forex market has ideal times to be trading. Mindy makes herself available during those times.

However, if you have a question or need assistance - you are welcome to ask at any time! Mindy responds very quickly. You will often find her doing some valuable teaching between peak market hours.

Q: "Do I have to trade as much as Mindy to be successful?"

A: In short - No. Mindy commits so much time to trading because it's also a platform for teaching. She just happens to grow her trading account substantially at the same time!

At TradeSmart University, we believe trading is a LIFESTYLE activity. Meaning, we don't live to trade... but rather we trade so that we might live an abundant life. Most students will engage in the Forex trading room a few hours a day - and then move on to other activities that fulfill them!

Q: "Am I guaranteed to make money?"

A: No. Nobody can guarantee that. What we CAN guarantee, however, is that you will have the opportunity. If you feel the opportunity was not there, reach out to us and we will make it right. Candidly - no coaching student has ever had a bad experience and we don't intend to break the winning-streak!

Take Your Trading To The Next Level Today

TradeSmart University is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but training from TradeSmart University is unique because it's built and taught by real traders who have actually done the things they teach.

In other words, we aren't journalists or "researchers." We're in-the-trenches doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.