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​Training Courses

​Foundations of Stocks & Options

​Get our #1 selling training that started it all and has helped more people learn to trade for monthly profits than any other training we've ever created.

​Cash Flow Trading

​Get access to 7 powerful strategies that are designed to help you trade for the thing you want more than anything else - Cash Flow!  Whether you need monthly, weekly, or daily income, this course will help.

​Get Started Trading Stocks in 7 Days

​Get the fastest ​path to trading real stocks with real money - in only 7 days! Learn the basics of trading and winning strategies quickly so you can get up and running now.

​Get Started Trading Forex in 7 Days

​Get started trading ​Forex in only 7 days with the perfect ​starter program for traders who want to ​expand into this exciting market place. ​​

​Bollinger Band Essentials

Get ​the skills you need to trade one of the most innovative technical tools created in the last 35 years. Learn the power techniques that allow traders to anticipate big moves before they occur.

​Credit Spreads

​Get the strategy that is quickly emerging as the go-to strategy for traders who want to create steady income with predictable risk. Learn why so many retirement and income traders are putting this trade to work every month.

Options Made Simple

​Lower capital requirements, increase ROI, and lower dollar for dollar risk - all with the use of Stock Options.  Learn all of the ins and outs needed to trade these powerful trading instruments and add unprecedented leverage.

​Building Your Financial Fortress for Life!

​Get ​ the secrets to long-term wealth, previously held by only the rich and the elite. Learn the techniques used to build and preserve wealth for generation after generation

​Get Started Trading Options in 7 Days

​Get started trading options in only 7 days with the ideal entry program for stock traders who want to learn to leverage options. ​This training is designed to get you started quickly.

​Fibs in Four

​Get the edge on other traders by identifying future buy and sell prices days and even weeks ahead of time. Apply the ​golden ratio discovered thousands of years ago and increase your willing trades.

​Risky Business

​Get the most powerful risk management technique ever applied to trading. Learn how to consistently bank profits even if you have more losing trades than winning trades. This technique will change your trading career forever.

​Subscription Services

​Power Trader LIVE

​Get the edge every week by watching TSU teachers talk through the market before it happens. Compare your notes and learn to do analysis by watching over the shoulder of instructors who know how to anticipate moves early.

​Power Trader FOREX

​Get the edge on the Forex markets every Sunday afternoon before the market begins. Watch active forex traders analyze the market and prepare for the week ahead. Compare your notes and be ready to ​​leave bruises on the market.


​Trade Lyon

​Get the official charting software of TradeSmart University. Construct quality reliable charts and save your work, print it, build a historical database of all of your trading charts. Get the edge with quality charts you can trust.

​Option Dynamics by Dynamic Trend

​Tired of feeling in the dark about the future value of your stock option? The Option Dynamics software is revolutionizing the way traders approach options. With powerful price forecasting tools, deep insights into greeks and other models, this software sets you apart to give you the real trading edge.