​Advanced Strategies: Calendar Spreads

​Buy Once, Profit All Year...

​Yes, ​I'm really going to teach you my new favorite strategy...

​How We Are Buying One Trade and Using It To ​Make Income All Year... In Less Than 1 Hour Per Week

​Have you ever heard someone say "​[insert expert's name] has forgotten more about [insert subject] than I'll ever know..."? 

​Well I'm that expert and I forgot it.  Until recently that is... and now I am super excited to share my NEW ​favorite strategy (or shall we say recently rediscovered strategy).

​A Little Backstory

​(​How I accidentally remembered...)

​A few weeks ago I was set to teach a class to a group of long time students. They were going back through our Foundations of Stocks & Options series. I knew this group was more advanced.

​As I ​prepared to teach ​one of the more basic lessons on beginning options, I felt bad teaching more advanced students something so basic. I wanted to offer something appropriate for their experience. 

But class was starting in about 3 hours and I had to act fast.  No time to create a new "advanced" lesson from scratch.

So I went into the vault...

I decided to go pull out an old Master Class I had taught years ago.  I figured this would provide some extra value to these more advanced studentsand I could pull it together quickly.  

​As I was looking through the list of classes I saw a title and thought "I wonder what that class was..."​  So I clicked the file to open it.  

Ahh!!  I had forgotten all about this.  It was a class on ​calendar spreads​ someone had asked me to teach more than 3 years prior.  I remember this... Yea... that'll be unique. ​​​

So I brushed up a bit and got ready to teach my surprise "bonus lesson" to the group.

Honestly, I thought it was a rough teaching, it wasn't my best.  I really wasn't prepared but I winged through it and by the end of class something amazing happened.  

​The class was going crazy over this lesson.  

​I can't believe you never taught us this...
​I'm going to go try that tomorrow."
You never cease to amaze me with something new..."


To be candid, I was getting excited myself.  How could I have forgotten about this strategy?

​​​​So, I took the next several weeks and began refreshing myself in more detai​l. What I have uncovered since has left me incredibly excited.  ​Things like: 

  • Creating 10x Leverage without taking on massive time decay risk
  • ​A way to create a risk-free trade that can make monthly income
  • ​How we can make huge returns without sitting in front of the computer all day trading
  • ​How we can make money if the stock goes down and more money if the stock goes up
  • How we can manage a reasonable risk/reward ratio
  • And so much more.

In fact, this strategy is so powerful I was explaining it to my own 68 year old father who has never traded the stock market and he said "I want to learn how to do that". (come on dad, finally?!)


I have shared this with a few of our students who are trying to bridge the gap between their retirement income and their standard of living.  For some of them it's an extra $2,000 a month.  For others they need an extra $4,000 a month.  And others even more.  

But the one thing they have all had in common is they want a way to make extra income with their capital, without having to spend their time sitting in front of the computer managing day trades.


​They want extra income.  It's not about "getting rich". It's not about "hitting it big with a one hit wonder stock pick".  For these people it's about creating some extra cash flow, and that's good because they understand exactly what they need. ​​​


​A person can live an entire lifetime without any networth (and most people do), but you can't survive even two weeks if you don't have cash flow."

​Jeremy Whaley 
​Co-Founder & CEO TradeSmart University

What You'll Learn in This Course

​Elite Stocks @ Middle Class Prices

​When was the last time you ​didn't​​​​​ ​buy a stock you knew would most likely go up, simply because you couldn't afford it? ​​​NO MORE!  Once you understand the power of Long-Dated options you will be able to play with the ​same stocks you previously thought you could not afford (turns out you could)!

Guaranteed Cash Flow Trading

​There are not a lot of guarantees in the stock market.  One guarantee - ​Options Premium WILL decay before expiration​. Once you understand this exceptional benefit of option trading, you will be able to take advantage of the unsupecting option buyers who actually think they are about to make a fortune on a whim. Armed with this knowlege you will quickly see how simple and predictable it is to bring in weekly and month cash flow. ​​​

T​rades Optimized for ​Income

​If you wanted to sit around for 5 years to find out if you're stock trades are going to make any money, well then you'd sit around just waiting. But that's not you. You want income.  You also want A LIFE.  With the calendar spread you are optimizing your trades for income, while you go out and play golf (or fish, or serve the community, whatever you choose to do for fun since you'll only be trading about 1 hour per week).

Trades that ​are PROTECTED

​Most people remember the crash of 2008. And most people are petrified of living through it again. ​That's why you must learn how to protect yourself from decline and offset any risks that may come. When constructed properly, you can ​reduce your trade to extremely low risk, while also making sure your profits are protected. (It's like a body guard for your capital!)

​​Earn Consistent Monthly Cash flow

​The Right course at the right time for me.  Thanks!

​Bryce Meckle

​TSU Student

​TSU Knocks it out of the park once again!!!

​David Pont

​TSU Student

​This series is exactly what I needed. 

​Tom Ennis

​TSU Student

​Great Class J-Dub! I got a lot of insight from your two traders.  I think I see why I have been struggling to succeed.

​Larry Baggs

​TSU Student

​Calendar Spreads - Course Details

In this course you'll learn everything you need ​to ​​execute calendar spreads for winning trades. You will learn which options to pick, how to analyze the right trade direction, how to pick good candidate, which options to sell, and most importantly, how to make adjustments as the trade evolves over time. It's the very things you will need to be successful with this strategy.

​Lesson 1:

​Introduction to Calendar Spreads
  • check
    ​Option Review
  • check
    ​Spread Review
  • check
    ​Types of Spreads
  • check
    ​Unique Aspects of LEAPS

​Lesson ​2:

​Monthly Income with Spreads
  • check
    ​Understanding Covered Calls
  • check
    ​"Poor Man's" Covered Call
  • check
    ​Weekly & Monthly Income
  • check
    ​Calculating the Returns & Cashflow

​Lesson ​3:

​Selecting The Right Stock To Trade
  • check
    Straight Forward Stock Picking
  • check
    ​Identifying the correct options to trade
  • check
    ​Which indicators to rely on 
  • check
    ​Walking through trade selection

​Lesson ​4:

​Lowering Risk With A Hedge
  • check
    ​Hedging the Trade
  • check
    ​Rever​sing the trade to a bearish trade
  • check
    ​Creating the "Risk Free" Trade (AWESOME!)
  • check
    ​A Trick to get "almost free" Trade Insurance

What You'll Get:

When you enroll today you'll get instant access to:

  • ​​The ​​Calendar Spreads​ Course​​​
  • ​4 Lessons on how to execute the trade
  • ​Live Webinars
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    RECORDINGS ​so you will not miss anything!

​Plus you will also ​receive:

  • All ​Updates for the lifetime of the product
  • ​​4 PDF Printable Notebooks
  • ​EXCLUSIVE ​VIP ​Email Support

​*NOTE: $297 Introductory pricing is only available for a limited time. On or before August 14 the price will increase to regular price of $497.


Tuition: $497​  (INTRODUCTORY PRICE - ONLY $297)​​​

Level: Intermediate/Advanced

​Location: Online/Virtual

​Course Length: ​​4-6 Hours

​Expected time to completion: ​​2 Weeks

​How It Works

Purchase the Course

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​Advanced Options Strategies:  Calendar Spreads

Just $497

​Introductory Price: Only $297


  • ​Live & Recorded Online Training
  • ​4 Lessons
  • Printable Notebooks
  • Unlimited Review


  • ​Safe and predictable strategy
  • ​Create monthly income
  • ​Easy to analyze
  • ​Execute in less than 1 hr/week

​Who Should Take This Course?

​Investing for ​Account Growth

​Pick trades that are trending, ride the trend for maximum ​increase, and ​lower cost basis each month.  Grow your account with better tools and better insights.

​Retiring Baby Boomers

​53% of Retiring Americans are under prepared for retirement. Protect the capital you have while increasing income.

​Replacing Career

​Control risk, build trading systems, and design a lifestyle that can create a predictable income. Learn how career traders approach the market.

​Why You Should Take This Course

​uhmmm... Do you want to sit in front of your computer every day placing trade?  


Would you rather place the trade, go play golf (or something) and make any needed adjustments throughout the week?

That's what I thought.  Unless you're a special breed of human being who actually likes to sit in front of their computer stressing out, the idea of trading your previous career for the life of a day trader is HORRIBLE!  

With Calendar spreads you can avoid all that. This strategy is easy to execute in just a few minutes a week.  Even if you pour over loads of analysis you should not find yourself committing more than 1 hour per week to this strategy.

And... the results can be great.

Since this is an unlimited reward strategy, ​you may find yourself making 20%, 30%, 40% or even more on just one trade. But huge windfall profits are not the reason you are executing this trade...

You want to do calendar spreads because of the guaranteed income you can make selling options.  ​Think of it like a dividend, but one you can receive every month or even every week!

That's why I call this​​​ a ​Semi-Passive Income Strategy​.  Sure, you have to do a little work, but for the most part this is a hands off play that you place 2-4 times per month and let the trade work it's own magic.

I don't know how exciting that is to you... but to a LOT of people it's transforming their later years! ​​​

Here's what it's not:

  • ​It's ​NOT ​super high risk
  • It's ​NOT ​time intensive
  • It's ​NOT Day trading
  • It's ​NOT for people who are ​happy squeaking out 8-10% profit per year
  • It's ​NOT the same ol' option strategies you've heard taught a million times...

Because what ​Calendar Spreads are​, is it's different.  ​Advanced Option Strategies: Calendar Spreads is intended to help individuals beat the market quickly and easily by focusing on the things that really matter.  It's designed to cut the ​analysis stuff, cut the super high risk, and get to the meat of what actually works.  

Here's what you'll get:

  • How to ​choose winning trade ideas
  • How to ​get control of thousands of dollars worth of stock for 1/10 the price
  • How to ​create income every 1-2 weeks
  • ​How to ​PROTECT your trade from scary market conditions
  • All you need to know in 4 lessons

How do I know you can do it?

Because we created this program specifically with people like you in mind!  In other words, this course was designed for you.  

So if you want a strategy that will let you ​Trade for Cash Flow, Lower your risk, Increase your Returns, Increase winning trades, Decrease losing trades, make extra money, ​all while you ​KEEP IT SIMPLE...​​​

...this course is for you.

Take Your Trading To The Next Level Today

​About Your Instructor

​Jeremy Whaley is Co-founder and CEO of TradeSmart University.  ​ He began trading in 1999 and has seen good markets, bad markets, boring markets and more good markets, and through it all he lived to tell.  

Jeremy is celebrated for his energetic and entertaining style of teaching, passion for helping others learn, and ability to make complicated subjects simple and easy to comprehend. He has been involved with the Market Technicians Association, ​been seen speaking at numerous events such as The Money Show, the Canadian Society of Technical Analysts, and has helped thousands of traders discover the opportunities available in the stock market. He lives in Nashville TN with his wife and 3 kids (and the dog).  

​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: ​Can you guarantee my success in the stock market?  

A: ​​No. Each person is different. We can absolutely guarantee we will teach you exactly how we approach the market. Unfortunately it is impossible for us to monitor and guarantee how you will implement that information. Individual results will vary between each individual and when they will execute on the various techniques. We highly encourage all of our students to first test your trading results in a virtual trading account with "fake" money to learn and build your skill set. Then, when you are comfortable with your own skill set, you can choose on your own when to execute real money trades. 

Q: ​Tell me more about your classes. What can I expect?  

A: TradeSmart University offers classes in two formats:  

1) On-Demand recordings - These lessons are previously recorded and are available in our members area to watch on your own time schedule. If you learn best early in the morning, during lunch or in the middle of the night, this format allows you to watch the training at a time that works best for you. Our videos play on mobile devices as well which means you can even watch while you are traveling on public transportation, or anywhere you feel "mobile"!  

2) Live, Online Webinars - Live sessions allow our students access to a scheduled teaching of various training courses as well as access to Q&A with our teachers. Since our beginining we have used internet technology to bring our training directly into your homes. We currently work with the GoToWebinar platform which is cross platform (Mac or Windows) and also offers a mobile access on both iOS and Android. Live sessions are recorded and most are posted in the members area for later viewing and review.  

Here’s how it works …  

Once you purchase a training course, that course is immediately available in your members area on our website. Simply log in and click on the class you want to watch. If a live session is coming up, a link to register will be available in the members area. We will also email instructions to get registered for upcoming live webinar trainings. 

Q: ​I trade forex, will ​this training work in the forex market? 

A: ​No. Everything we teach related to trading analysis applies to stocks, options, futures and forex. However option strategies such as calendar spreads are unique to the options market. Alternately, we have a forex specialist who works with TradeSmart and teaches forex specific classes and we would be happy to help you identify some forex strategies for your personal style.

Q: ​Can I replace my job with your training?  

A: ​Many of our students use the training we teach to replace their current income or create new income after a job loss or retirement. However, TradeSmart University can not guarantee how much actual cash you will make or be responsible for any losses you may incur.  

Several factors go into determining an individual's success in the market. Size of account is one factor: A person trading a $500 trading account has a much different earning potential than someone trading a $50,000 account.  

Individual execution is another factor: While we can train people how we analyze the market and choose trading opportunities, each individual is responsible for their own execution. These are issues outside of our control. Consequently we can not guarantee any actual income results based on our training.  

Individuals need to consider their own financial positions and fully understand the risk factors associated with trading before placing real money trades. We highly encourage all of our students to first trade in a virtual trading environment (provided by many brokers) to practice their skills and learn the risks and benefits of any individual strategy we teach. 

Q: ​I'm really interested. But first, tell me more about TradeSmart University's money-back guarantee.  

A: ​With TradeSmart University, your purchase is 100% protected. You can try out all the training you purchase for 14 days risk-free. If you find that TradeSmart University isn't right for you, just let us know in the first 14 days and receive a full refund. 

Q: ​Do I have to use your software to trade?  

A: ​No. TradeSmart University provides general trading education which may be used with any trading platform. You are free to choose any charting software, broker, or platform you prefer to execute your own trades. 

Q: I'm in! When do I get access to my classes?  

A: ​Fantastic! You'll get access to any training your purchase (and everything else TradeSmart University has to offer) instantly when you purchase the offer below. 

Q: "Are scholarships available?"

A: ​At this time no scholarships are available. Fortunately we have priced our classes so that they are affordable to all, especially compared to similar certification classes.

Take Your Trading To The Next Level Today

TradeSmart University is Different

Yes, you can find other trainings and certifications that cover similar topics, but training from TradeSmart University is unique because it's built and taught by real traders who have actually done the things they teach.

In other words, we aren't journalists or "researchers." We're in-the-trenches doers who despise untested theory and believe that the best way to learn something is to roll up your sleeves and get your hands a little dirty. If that sounds appealing, then welcome! You've found your home.