It’s Time To Decide [Featured Podcast]

Do you struggle actually pressing the "place trade" button? Having a hard time deciding on when to place your trade?

You're not alone.

Last week I shared a fantastic lunch with one of our students who was driving through town.  I loved getting to meet with Daniel and his son.  But during the conversation I asked him where he's struggling the most with his trades.  He explained how he has been a TSU student for nearly 3 years, loves our classes, loves the training, understands everything, but when it comes time to actually place the trade, he gets cold feet and struggles to actually make the decision!

Wow!  I was kind of surprised on one hand, but on the other hand I wasn't surprised at all.  Many people face this "analysis paralysis".

The good part of doing a thorough analysis is you can see every angle of the trade.  The bad part - sometimes you can't decide!

It reminded me of an upcoming podcast I had cued up, and since that podcast went live yesterday, I thought you would enjoy it.  Just remember - you miss out on 100% percent of the trades you don't take!

Also as a quick reminder, when it comes to trading, remember, if you're using a good risk reward analysis and the other risk management tools we teach, the odds of you going broke are very low.  So go ahead, do the analysis, pick your direction, and hit the "place trade" button.  Otherwise you'll never know!  (of course, I always encourage you to do this first in your virtual account so you can build your confidence - which basically means you have NO EXCUSES to not hit the "place trade" button!)

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In this episode:

  • The amount of information now available makes it hard for some people to make a decision and causes a type of decision paralysis.
  • Not making a decision is in and of itself a decision.
  • Leaders don't have the luxury of waiting around putting off the decision process, strong leaders know they must decide.
  • Often times it's better to make the wrong decision than no decision because at least it keeps you from being stuck.  It's a lot easier to change the direction of something in motion than to get something going from standing still.

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