The TradeSmart Philosophy of Trading

​Complicated ​SUCKS.  Confusing SUCKS.  And you know what really sucks...​LOSING MONEY!  At TradeSmart University we hate all of that. In fact, that's why we started TradeSmart. ​Many years ago ​when I was learning how to trade ​I went to endless seminars and training programs only to find the people made it complicated and confusing, and at the end of the day, ​I was still losing money!


​The Journey of 1,000 Miles...

​If you are anything like ​I was then TradeSmart is not the first step on your road to trading.  Perhaps it is. If that's the case then consider yourself lucky because you don't have to un-learn all the junk people have taught you.  But if you are like most people, you have been around the block a time or two trying to learn how to trade the market. 

Let's be honest - you don't care about ​being the richest house on the block.  You don't really care about ​driving $200,000 cars. You probably don't even care that much about traveling the world on a private yacht... (okay maybe you would enjoy that one). If you are anything like me, I just wanted to make some extra money.

Did you know​ a recent Federal Reserve Study shows that 44% of Americans say they could not sustain a $400 emergency?

​Most people make trading super complicated and confusing or they require you to buy their software to make money. Or, they subscribe you to 15 different trading rooms, charge you for each one and tell you to follow along (which, for what it's worth, isn't exactly above board with the S.E.C.)

The cold hard reality is this: for an outsider to learn how to trade the financial markets it is going to be a challenge. It's a real challenge. Because most real traders guard their secrets like their first born child and the rest of the people are just posers.

Time ​for a breakthrough...

When I was learning to trade I was frustrated about all of this. ​I went to seminar after seminar and spent 10s of thousands of dollars (over $40,000 to be exact)​. In the end I lost all my money and I didn't even learn what I wanted​!

​After going broke for the 3rd time and losing over $20,000 that we had borrowed from my Mother-in-law, I just about gave up.  Actually, I did give up for a few months and I just walked away for about 6 months. But I knew deep down I had to be close. So I hunkered down and poured through my notes looking for the distinctions that would set my trades apart and help me make money.

​That's when I discovered the secrets to trading for a profit. You see, like most people I was making it complicated. I had lots of indicators I was following and my charts were complicated.  As if that wasn't enough, I had 15 different strategies I was trying to master. Since I didn't really believe in my own abilities I was constantly logging in to trading rooms to see what they thought and watching CNBC like a hawk for the next urgent news report​ - and I was failing miserably.

​In reality, I only needed to master 1-2 strategies. ​The analysis needed to be simple. And all the news stories and opinions of other people... well they needed to just be hushed. I knew everything I needed I just had to organize it and learn to trust myself.

​That was the ​genesis of how I became a trader. After I figured it out I thought I should start teaching it to others and that ultimately led to TradeSmart University.

The Founding of TradeSmart University

TradeSmart University was founded on a belief that ​anyone can learn to trade the stock market​.  ​​​From the beginning we have believed that if the student is willing then the opportunity is there to be seized.  We believe in the individual's ability to beat the market from home.  We believe that, in these modern times, the individual has just as much opportunity as a fancy fund manager on Wall Street.  And we believe everyone deserves the opportunity to learn how the market really works.

Our training concept is simple:

  • Identify the trend
  • Apply the appropriate strategy
  • Manage your risk
  • Make money

If this aligns with your desires from the market then you have come to the right place. Try some free classes, read some blog posts, see what's going on, and we look forward to seeing you in some classes!

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