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Foundations: Introduction to Chart Patterns

We first looked at stock charts in our Foundations of Stocks and Options Level 1 class post here. Where we introduced you to the various chart types, such as the line chart, the bar chart, and the candlestick chart, which are available for you to use when tracking a company’s performance in the marketplace. Today, […]

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Foundations: Anatomy of a Trend

We covered in last Thursday’s blog that Technical Analysis focuses on the price action of a stock and how the current and historical price points can anticipate future price direction and activity. Thus, by studying the candlestick chart of a particular company, we can, in essence, make an educated guess on the stock’s future behavior. […]

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Foundations: Trend Lines

Two weeks ago, we covered building a framework for your trades using support and resistance lines. When we locate and mark lines of support and resistance on our charts, it gives us a framework upon which we can ​build. It provides a graphical representation of trader sentiment, and it defines pivot points where a stock […]

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