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Foundations: Moving Averages

In our Stock Market Made Simple series we introduced you to using indicators and the information they bring to a trader’s toolkit, which you can read here. Today, we are going to take a closer look at indicators such as the simple moving average and the exponential moving average and how that information can be […]

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An Overview of the Stochastics Indicator

Indicators are an important part of the trader’s toolkit, especially when you learn to appropriately use the indicators which are available to you. However, many people look at indicators as a “signal” that says “buy now” or “sell now.” For most people, they are looking for that buy/sell signal, and when they see it, they […]

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How Bollinger Bands Can Simplify Your Trade Analysis

From time to time, something happens that changes an industry, and by “change” we mean something happens that makes everyone look at the industry in question entirely different. Email changed the way letters were written, and commonplace communication took place, Google changed the way web search was done, the iPhone changed the expectations around cell […]

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