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A Deep Dive into Implied Volatility

Volatility may be one of the most overused words in trading, and when it comes to options, volatility just comes with the territory. However, without volatility measurements or even the ability to measure volatility, the options market would be a market without a heartbeat. And that heartbeat currently pumps its lifeblood to the tune of […]

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The Rocky World of Volatility

As we approach the end of the 2020 calendar year, if there is one thing as traders, we have learned to deal with, it is volatility in the marketplace. Just in this year alone, we have experienced the most significant market crash and fastest rally in history. It is almost like volatility demanded its place […]

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The Day Trading Journey

The question I get asked often from students is “Should I day trade?” My answer, though, is not always black or white as there are many factors each student needs to consider. Do you need to make immediate income from your day trading to pay your bills? If the answer to that question is a […]

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