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How to Interpret the Tweezer Candlestick Pattern

The tweezer candlestick pattern can be one of the most powerful predictive patterns we see showing up on our stock charts. Over years of trading, we have learned to trust the signal as it predictive natural is usually correct. However, the challenge is accurately interpreting the pattern because there are so many possible variations to […]

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How to Use Technical Analysis with Chart Patterns

Let’s start by looking at quantitative analysis, which is sometimes confused with technical analysis. Quantitative analysis is defined as the analysis of a situation or event, especially a financial market, by means of complex mathematical and statistical modeling. This is where people can get confused with technical analysis. They make the assumptions that you have […]

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The Top 3 Early Signs of a Stock Reversal

Choosing the price where a stock is going to change directions has been the subject at the forefront of every trader’s mind pretty much since the dawn of free-market trading. Every trader wants to buy at the very bottom and sell at the very top. Unfortunately, this scenario rarely occurs in a trader’s career, much […]

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