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Beyond FOSO: Portfolio Diversification

Welcome to our third and final blog covering Chris Burgess’s Beat the Market class. In this class, Chris uses fundamental analysis to pick which companies you should consider trading. In our first blog that you can read here, he covered how to use a macro-economic analysis approach to the stock market to pick out companies. […]

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Beyond FOSO: Approaching the Data

In Chris Burgess’ class Beat the Market, he presents three different methodologies or ways to look at or interpret the data you collect. You can take the data-driven approach, which looks at market data and draws logical conclusions and predictions. You can use an event-driven approach that looks at world events and then judges how […]

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Beyond FOSO: A Macro View of the Stock Market

During the 2020 calendar year, most of my TSU blogs covered each session of our Foundations of Stocks and Options core classes. By the time I had completed all three FOSO levels, I had gained a well-rounded understanding of the stock market and trading. I knew what I was looking at when I reviewed a […]

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