How To Win [Podcast]

​Hey Fellow traders, are you tired of feeling like you're a failure when you have a bad trade?  Do you wish you would never ever lose?  Do you wonder what character traits winning traders have in common?

In this podcast episode TSU Co-Founder discusses the difference in winners and losers and helps you understand the proper role of failure in your life.

In this episode:

  • Winners see "negative results" are part of the process of success.  They aren't distracted by failures, they actually use failure to push them to a higher level.
  • You only "fail" when you begin to believe the delusion that this negative event is part of your identity. When you accept the failure as the end of the road.
  • If you will adopt the attitude that you will never ever stop, then you can never fail.


"Failure, is just a stepping stone along the pathway to success."

​Napoleon Hill ​Author of "Think and Grow Rich"

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