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TradeSmart Top 150 Best Stocks to Trade

One of the questions which we hear all the time at TradeSmart is “How do I find a good stock to trade?” Currently there are around 3600 stocks which you could trade in the marketplace which translate to a ton of opportunity: opportunity to make a good trade and unfortunately, opportunity to make a bad […]

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A Winning Formula

Trading, if approached incorrectly, can turn into a bad dream for many traders. The outcome for traders should be to get paid and make consistent money, but strangely many traders forget about this outcome and turn to trading for other reasons.At times anyone can have a big winning trade or even a few, just as […]

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Interview: Keith Schneider from Market Gauge

Prefer to read? Below is a transcript of the interview!Introduction Jeremy: Well. Hello everybody and welcome to this very special audio interview that I had a chance to do with, uh, the great Keith Schneider co-founder of Market Gauge. Uh, some of you know, Keith, most of you probably don’t, and he’s one of those […]

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