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Tale of Two Traders: Success vs. Failure

Paul and KimA few years ago I was in Orlando and had the privilege of meeting two TSU students in person – Paul and Kim. Naturally, the conversation turned to their success (or lack thereof) as traders.  Paul and Kim had both sat through our primary training, Foundations of Stocks and Options. Both had funded accounts. […]

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[Case Study Part 1 of 2] Nate vs. J.D.

​Nate vs. J.D. is a concept I came up with to help demonstrate the two camps or categories (or models) that us traders operate within. Although Nate and J.D. are not their real names, they are real “flesh and blood” people I have had the chance to work with through our coaching at TradeSmart University […]

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[Case Study Part 2 of 2] Meet Michael

​Michael has been a student of TSU for nearly 3 years. Recently his circumstances have changed.  He and his wife sold their house, he stopped working, and now he needs to find a way to ​maximize his trading account to meet his income needs for the rest of his life.   Watch the video below to […]

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