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3 Chart Patterns You Can Trade with Confidence

We often talk about how the stock market is a bit of a paradox as it’s a place where people who want more certainty in their financial future come to invest their money. They invest with the hope of getting a large return so they can be more financially secure. Yet, at the same time, […]

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The Top 3 Early Signs of a Stock Reversal

Choosing the price where a stock is going to change directions has been the subject at the forefront of every trader’s mind pretty much since the dawn of free-market trading. Every trader wants to buy at the very bottom and sell at the very top. Unfortunately, this scenario rarely occurs in a trader’s career, much […]

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Interview: Keith Schneider from Market Gauge

Introduction Jeremy: Well. Hello everybody and welcome to this very special audio interview that I had a chance to do with, uh, the great Keith Schneider co-founder of Market Gauge. Uh, some of you know, Keith, most of you probably don’t, and he’s one of those gems on Wall Street that it’s kind of been […]

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The Ultimate Trading Library

One of the most frequent questions we receive at TradeSmart is, “what book should I read to learn this stuff?” Well, we have created a list of up our favorite books, which are primed for a spot in your library.​Technical AnalysisEverything we teach at TradeSmart is built around technical analysis. We believe it is the […]

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