The Beginning of Trading Stocks – The Get Started Trading Series

Welcome to the first step in your journey as this introductory blog series will lay out the basics of the stock market. In our next few blogs, we will lay out the basics of where to start and what you need to know. We will also provide you with some helpful tools and resources along the way. This is your opportunity to get traction, get started trading, and produce long term results.

People often think that trading is complicated and that you need to be a mathematician to make money doing it. The short of it is simple: buy low, sell high, or sell high and buy low. That should be your main focus.

Here are a few facts to consider, as of 2016, there was $36 Trillion in the stock market. What’s fascinating about this point is that $36 Trillion is more than three times the amount of monetary supply in all of the United States. Around $8-10 Trillion is printed in the US, and there’s three times that money in the stock market. There is nearly four times as much money available in the stock market as is currently in US circulation. Money is available to be made - the question is, taking the right steps toward your trading destination.

You may be wondering, though, what are your chances of succeeding in the stock market. You would most likely be entering the market as a retail trader, and, statistically, approximately 30-35% of retail traders are profiting from their trades. Interesting fact, the majority of retail traders never take the time to educate themselves - so you are already ahead of the basic market odds by taking the time to learn to profitably trade which will improve your chances of coming out ahead.

So join us in learning more about trading in the stock market by following this blog series, and we will introduce you to the basics of trading.