NEW! TSU Co-Founder Launches [Podcast]

It's official!  TSU Co-Founder Jeremy Whaley is launching a podcast!

For 8 years students have asked if there was a way to listen to Jeremy's teachings and musing in the car.  Unfortunately, the answer has always been "no".

But all of that has changed now. And the best part is, it's a podcast, so IT'S ALL FREE!

Jeremy's new podcast is called "Mind Vitamins" and it's all about mindset.  Studies have shown MINDSET is the number one reason people fail to get the results they want in life. You will certainly find some great nuggets of truth and start thinking in a more successful way by listening to this podcast series.

Enjoy an episode here and you can find more at

In this episode you will discover:

  • Your mental state controls your outcome
  • It is more difficult to change from a negative state back to a positive state, than it is to change from a positive state to a negative state.
  • As a leader you must control your state 100% of the time
  • You can change your state as quickly as you want to

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